Stillits er en almindelig træk- og sjælden vintergæst på Fanø.


The stillness is unmistakable. It is one of the most colorful Danish birds. It has a red face and its head is black and white. The wings are black with wide yellow wings. The upper bump is white and the tail black with white spots. The sexes are almost the same. The call is a characteristic “sticky” or “sticky”.
The young birds, seen in late summer and into the fall, have a grayish-white head with fine stripes.

Findested på Fanø

Can be seen everywhere on Fanø, but prefers area with vegetation such as gardens, groves, scrub etc. Also seen in areas with tall herbs with lots of seeds.

Hvornår på Fanø

Can be seen year-round, but is most common in the fall.


The species lives on seeds, especially from weeds such as cages and thistle. Takes like other finches insects in summer.
The scaffold breeds in woods, fences, parks and gardens. It travels in flocks outside the breeding season on fallow fields and the like with weed seeds. Also seen on roadsides where it takes seeds and gobble.


in the rays of the sun the wings gleam with gold and their heads in variegated colors … one should almost assume them for a small following of court people, who are rushed ahead of their high dominions (Severin Petersen).